Only the beginning...

Welcome to my first blog ever ever! Hoping this goes well and I have many more to come! First of all, thank you so much for taking a minute to read it!

As some of you know, since I came back into the salon in April of 2016 I have immersed myself in as much education and my budget and time has allowed! I truly believe that it's an investment into my future as well as yours! Education absolutely fuels my passion for all things hair related!

Back in April of this year, I joined a business coaching program especially for hairdressers called Thrivers Society. It has been life giving and life changing for me! I no longer worry about my business and my future as a business person and stylist. If you follow me on social media you have maybe seen me reveal my first my professional head shots, then my new logo and then my own website.

My first headshot ever!


Why do I need to go through all this? Since after all... I'm a hairdresser not a business person? Most hairdressers just do their client's hair and go home, right? Well, that's because I have a goal to be in the top 5% of hairdressers around within a year from starting Thrivers. I'm not ok with status quo and never have been. It's just not in me. I know with my whole heart I'm made for more. I have only scraped the bucket as far as this program is concerned. And the support is phenomenal. I'm seriously thankful I took the plunge to sign up. Thanks again for reading! Stay tuned for what else is next for me and you!



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