How often should I shampoo my hair?

This is a question that I get asked a lot. There is unfortunately not a blanket answer to this question. Sorry friends! But it’s a hot topic because who doesn’t want to save time washing and fixing their hair every morning? Umm…ME! Here are the things that factor in to how often you should shampoo.

What is your hair texture like? Curly and coarse hair are already natural depleted in sebum (aka skin oils). So the less you shampoo, the better your curl will behave and the less frizz you will fight. Consider rinsing your hair every few days and just conditioning. It is the shampoo that actually opens the cuticle of your hair and wisks away all the natural oils. If your hair is naturally straight and fine, you will have to shampoo more often because the oil shows quicker than curly hair. It’s understandable when you have this type of texture to need to shampoo every day. Although, dry shampoo could become your friend on the weekend.

How often do you workout? Are you a head sweater? #headsweatersunite! Yes I am begrudgingly one of those. Obviously, the more you sweat, the more you’ll need to shampoo. Sweat can harbor bacteria and if you aren’t getting that out of your scalp you could actually lose some precious strands.

Is your hair processed? Ie. Color, perm or keratin treatment. Doesn’t your hair feel just less dirty after you get your hair highlighted or colored? Well, it is! Processed hair absorbs more of the oils from the scalp making your hair appear less greasy and thus giving you more volume! So you may be able to get an extra day out of shampooing when your hair is freshly colored or highlighted.

Here are some tips on extending the life of your style and avoiding shampooing as often…

  • Mousse, spray mousse or root boost in the crown area after you shampoo will keep the oil at bay a little longer in those areas.

  • Invest in a good dry shampoo. Here is my suggestion. This one absorbs excess oil without removing shine. If you haven't tried Surface products yet, come see me. I'm happy to give you a sample! Your hair will feel and look better than you've ever seen before!

  • Keep conditioner off the scalp during your shampoo. Conditioner is for the ends and midshaft only!

  • Brush every day to distribute oils down the hair shaft.

  • Try your best not to touch your hair throughout the day after you have it fixed.

  • Put a pineapple on your head? Wait… what? Yep just loosely put that hair into a top knot before bed. This will keep your hair from getting too frizzy and keep your curl. Invest in some good ole scrunchies or invisibobbles. I’m now carrying the invisibobbles in my salon if you want to pick a package up!

  • Your scalp will adjust to less shampooing and stop producing as much oil the less you wash it. So initially try to go one extra day a week to start.

Please let me know if you have any questions about this topic or any other hair related questions! My email is Thank you for reading! I hope you find something really great to do with the extra 15-30 minutes you are saving by not shampooing and styling your hair! Lots of love and hugs!



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