7 Hair Trends for Fall 2018

As seasons change, its very common to want to switch up your look! It can make you feel fresh and ready for the upcoming season. Find a new flattering style on par with the latest trends in beauty. Here are the top styles trending now!

1. Center part - sleek, straight and tucked behind the ears for a super sophisticated look. Or wear with loose waves tucked behind the ear for a more casual vibe but still totally on trend.

2. Curtain Fringe (aka bangs)-

textured, slightly messy, long and tapered. Wear pushed to the one side or parted in the middle for versatility. A perfect way to change your look without losing length. So fresh!

3. Rose gold hair color with a twist - beautiful coppery undertone. If this doesn't scream fall, I don't know what does! You would be surprised how many skin tones can pull this off.

4. Short bob - this is probably the biggest haircut trend right now! Long hair has been in for so long, its time to change it up a bit. This cut makes a girl exude confidence!

5. Loose Low Bun - we can thank the Duchess Meghan Markle for this trend. Make sure you get the lift in the crown and loose waves around your face to complete the look.

6. Claw Clip - I kid you not! It is baaaaaack! This was on the runway in the Alexander Wang show for fall. And it's now a legit thing again! Do you have the guts to do it??? Wide headbands, bows and exposed bobby pins are big right now too.

7. Platinum Balayage - loads of dimension while keeping those ends nice and icy. Not always accomplished in one session but worth the wait when the magic does happen.

Now for the real question.... are you going to buy yourself a claw clip? Maybe get a banana clip for 'ole times sake while you're at it?

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